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The karate-do

The "Karate-Do" is the "Oath of the Karateka" presently recited at the end of training lessons or courses when the instructor determines it is appropriate.  

The purpose of the recitation is to declare the intention of the students.

The oath should always be shouted with strength, never mumbled in insincerity, for the meaning of the oath should penetrate the mind of each student.  It embodies all we are trying to achieve through karate training.

If the Instructor wishes the Karate-Do be spoken, at the end of training he or she will bow to the students, and the bow is returned. The the instructor will turn away from the students, so all are facing the front of the dojo.  

The Dojo Captain, the senior person at the head of the line will call out "Seiza!" as the command to sit.  The instructor will move first  followed by the senior students down to the junior students until all seated in the correct position.  The Dojo Captain will them shout out the Karate-Do, one line at a time, and immediately the entire class will repeat each line back. 

Below are the lines of the Karate-Do, spelled phonetically, followed by the translation.


 “Kokoro Tadashiku”

“Nichi, Nichi No, Keiko”

“Rei To Setsu”


Meaning: "We must acknowledge, consider and

dedicate ourselves to the true way of karate,

and practice with good heart,

mind and spirit on all occasions"! 

When the recitation of the oath is finished, the Dojo Captain alone will recite the following commands:


The Instructor and all students bow to the front of the dojo,  placing first left, then right hand on the floor in front of them
and touching the forehead to the floor.  This bow represents respect to Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan
Karate, and the spirit of the place of training. The instructor will then turn to face the students.
The Dojo Captain alone will shout: 


The students all bow in the same manner to the instructor, acknowledging his or her years of training and leadership.
The Dojo Captain alone will shout: 


This is the command to stand.  The instructor stands first, then the Dojo Captain followed by each student in order of
seniority. The Dojo Captain alone will shout:

"otagani rei!"

Everyone bows to the instructor who returns the bow, all speaking "Oss!" The instructor will then call for "REI" and all bow
together.  The instructor may then conclude the lesson.