​Within the Membership Card are the Rules and Conditions of Membership:
1.  Correct Dojo Etiquette must be observed at all times; i.e. bowing upon entering and leaving the Dojo, correct respect shown to the
     instructors and visiting Sensei, and respect for fellow members, whatever grade they may be.
2.  Smoking will not be permitted in the Dojo.
3.  Members should at all times make a personal effort to ensure that their  Karate Gi’s are washed and cleaned regularly.
4.  Toe nails and finger nails must be cut regularly so as to prevent injury to other members. 
5.  Members who must wear their hair long will be permitted to wear Machi-Machi (head bands) to prevent hair falling into ​ their eyes
     and affecting concentration during a training session.
6.  Rings, watches, necklaces and other personal adornments must be removed prior to each training session. These items are liable to
     cause injury.  Any rings or earrings that cannot be removed must be covered with a plaster.  
7.  All articles of value should not be left in the changing rooms as the Instructor and Secretary cannot be held responsible for articles
     which are lost, damaged or stolen. 
8.  Members train at their own risk; neither the Instructors or the Secretary can accept liability for any injuries incurred whilst training. 
8a. Members should not arrive or go home in their Karate Gi.
9.  ATTENDANCE: Members who consistently fail to attend the regular training sessions and cannot forward a viable excuse for their
     absence will have their membership terminated.  Any person who does not attend at least 20 of the training sessions will not be allowed
     to grade, as a member of this standard could embarrass the club and members.  REMEMBER this is your club and the basis of any
     strong club is its members.  Your support and regular attendance is important – for you and the club.
10. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Any member found using unnecessary violence against a person outside the confines of the Dojo will
      have their membership terminated.
11. Any member found using Karate for personal and financial gain shall have their membership terminated.
12. Any member who shows a blatant disregard for Dojo Etiquette and respect (i.e. excessive use of abusive language, complete lack of    
      self control, etc.) shall have their membership terminated.
13. Any member found to be of unsuitable character and likely to bring dishonour to the club and the principles and ideals of Karate shall

      have their membership terminated.
14. The Instructors and Secretary reserve the right to terminate membership of any person they consider unsuitable.
15. The Instructors and Secretary also reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant they feel would be unsuitable.
16. Once a member has been dismissed from the club and had his membership rights terminated, he shall not be entitled to a refund of

      membership and advance subscription fees.
17. LATENESS: The Secretary will inform members the time of the next training session, and the club members are urged to arrive

      approximately 15 minutes before, thus giving them time to get changed.  As there is rarely a good excuse for lateness, members will
      therefore arrive on time. 

THE KASKA membership

​​When a student completes the beginners class and successfully grades to the first belt level, they are awarded the first grading certificate, and an application form for two important documents; The KASKA License and the KASKA Membership.  

  • The Membership is a one-time registration with the Katsu Academy. It does not expire.
  • Both documents should be obtained before the new student applies for their next grading.
  • ​Both documents are to be submitted with every grading application, and will be annotated with every level attained.

Note: Please see the page KASKA LICENSE for details on that document. 

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