Although karate, like many other things, has changed over the years, its fundamental principles have stood the test of time. Today, students of the art will practice many of the techniques as they were taught hundreds of years ago. 

Karate training hones the mind, the spirit and the attitude of the student, as well as the body.  Whilst it is an art of weaponless self-defence, the longer it is studied the less likely defence will be needed. 

Obtaining a black belt is not the end-goal of a KASKA student. Rather, the continuing improvement of self through honest, consistent application is the true reward.

Real success in everything comes one step at a time. 

The first grading will consist of a training session and demonstration of the learned techniques for the Chief instructor and Senior Instructors. Once the blue belt is attained, the student becomes a member of KASKA.  Individual training sessions will then cost only £5, with family rates available when three or more relatives train.  

Before the next grading, students will need to obtain a KASKA Membership, which is a one-time application, and a KASKA License, which is an annual requirement of English law.

Opportunities to grade are held quarterly. Students wishing to attain each level will need to attend a sufficient number of lessons and courses to receive instruction, and practice on their own between lessons.  A student's karate is a direct reflection of their effort.  

We have five locations in Leighton Buzzard, High Wycombe, Cheddington, Spalding and Werrington. All KASKA dojos offer beginners courses throughout the year. The courses are appropriate for adults and children who have never had any experience in the martial arts.  Four-week beginners courses cost only £10.  

No special clothing is required. We recommend loose fitting clothes, and feet will be bare during the lessons. Students usually wait until they finish the beginners course to wear a go (training uniform) however, they can be obtained at any time. 

Lessons in dojo etiquette will begin from the first class, and the dojo instructor will explain the content of the beginners course. All training begins with warm up exercises to focus the mind and prepare the body.  Karate techniques will then be demonstrated and practiced over a periods of weeks to prepare for the first grading examination to blue belt. 

KASKA Beginners courses

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