KASKA International was founded in 1990 by Sensei Robin Reid, 6th Dan.
As Chief Instructor of the Association, his goal is to share his years of experience in the many benefits of traditional karate training with his students.  
Traditional Shotokan has its roots in Okinawa, where the style was founded by Master Gichen Funakoshi.  Kara-te literally translates to "empty hand" and traditional karate is a style of unarmed self-defence.  Even as ability develops, the precept that "there is no first attack in karate" is always followed. Amongst the guiding principals of traditional training is the understanding that everyone trains to their own ability, and that results are in direct proportion to the effort given.  

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome.  New students feel comfortable when they realise that every instructor remembers their own days as a beginner.  The emphasis is on controlled training, so students feel safer and more confident as their abilities improve. With practice comes speed and power, and it is important that control is established first.
Girls and boys can begin from age 6, and men and women of all ages are welcome.There is no limit.  Only experienced senior instructors teach at the five KASKA dojos in Leighton Buzzard, High Wycombe, Werrington, Spalding and Cheddington. 

Sensei Reid personally instructs at each location. 

07870 771193

KASKA holds regular training throughout the year, and is honoured to host special courses with
world-class guest instructors. Our goals include the improvement of body, mind and spirit through the structure of traditional training, the enhancement of discipline and respect between students and
teachers, and the pursuit of the true way of karate-do.  

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